Low calorie drinks

With only 9 calorie per 100 mL , Nutrink gives you more energy with less calories, thus moving you closer towards healthiness!

Low Carb Drinks

Choose Nutrink to stop worrying about your low carb goals. Totaling to around 5 gram healthy carbs per bottle, it lets you stay on target. 

No Artificial sweeteners

We don’t like artificialness at all! Artificial Sweeteners are dumped away! What does that mean? No unhealthy stuff surrounding you!!

No preservatives

Your favourite Nutrink beverage contains no preservatives. We prefer natural rather than artificial!

Fortified with vitamins

Every nutrink concoction contains useful vitamins! Your favourite drink is fortified with vitamins to propel you with energy!

Clean Label Product

Using as few ingredients as possible in making wholesome products. We use real food products as our raw material. So, instead of citric acid , you will see us using lemon juice. Also no artificial chemical stuff.

Grab your favourite Nutrink now!

Choose your favourite Nutrink and dive in the sumptuous blend of great taste and healthiness!

Stay happily

While trying to achieve a healthier version of yourself, a hydration break is necessary. A long, tasty sip from your Nutrink can energize you in the most exciting way ever!


Slurp and

The best blend of food and a nice beverage equals to a satisfying tummy feast! A dash of Nutrink added to your tasty meal will amaze your taste buds and make them go gaga over the versatile taste of the different flavors offered!

Your journey

Bored while traveling? Nutrink adds a tinge of excitement to your journey! All you have to do is just open the bottle, take a nice sip and let your taste buds dive in the great taste of the divine infusion!


Your work

All you need while working is a boost to move towards completion! Nutrink gives you a much-needed delicious boost while you are working which helps you to complete your work in a jiffy!

Cherish your

A family gathering calls for revival of memories, games and lots of fun! Absorb these memories by sharing the golden sips of Nutrink to add sweetness to your memorable family union!