Fruit Infusions

Tasty beverages are a celebration, and with our infusions, we’ve made celebration healthy. Nutrink brings to you exclusive and eccentric fruit drink combos that have been sweetened with all natural sweeteners, and fortified with vitamins. Loved by kids and adored by adults, our infusions put back the zing in celebrations. So, don’t think twice, just pick up your favourite infusion and celebrate everyday.
hawaii mango-min-final

Hawaii Mango

  • Coming Soon
rio lamenade-min-final

Rio Lemonade

bali peach-min-final

Bali Peach

  • Coming Soon
panama passion-min-final

Panama Passion Fruit

  • Coming Soon

coconut fusions

Plain water is out, coconut water is in. It’s simply better! Coconut water is packed with nutrition and flavor, and we’ve fused them with some of the most delicious fruit combos to bring you beverages that are high on taste and health. Our modern recipes and packaging techniques ensure no nutrition is lost, and furthermore, we’ve fortified the beverages with vitamins. Try our coconut fusions today, and you will be hooked to being healthy.

fiji coconut lemonade fusion-min-final

Fiji Coconut Lemonade

bahamas coconut peach fusion-min-final

Bahamas Coconut Peach

  • Coming Soon
madgascar coconut pasion fusion-min-final

Madagascar Coconut Passion

havana coconut mango-min-final

Havana Coconut Mango

  • Coming Soon

Iced Tea

There’s tea and then there’s Supertea! We bring to you original formulations of iced teas flavored with real fruits in never-before combinations. Another x-factor in our Superteas is that we are the first ones to make iced tea from real brewed tea. The tea is brewed at the perfect temperature to maintain flavor and sweetness. No more tea solids and artificial flavors. It’s all real!


Darjeeling Lemon Tea

  • Coming Soon
jamaica peach tea-min-final

Jamaica Peach Tea


Himalaya Passion Tea

  • Coming Soon

Swiss Apple Tea

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