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Nutrink is a 9 calorie per 100 mL beverage that’s packed with nutrients and contains no sugar. The sweetness comes from natural sweeteners! Made with clean labeled, naturally sourced ingredients, it packs a tasty punch for your cravings. Nutrink is sweetened by plant-based sweeteners stevia and erythritol and is infused with nutrients.
Nutrink is offered in 3 variants – Fruit fusions, Teas, and Coco fusions. Fruit fusions are fruit-infused and naturally sweetened using fruit juice, stevia extract, and erythritol. Teas are fruit-based, real brew teas naturally sweetened with fruit juice, stevia extract, and erythritol. Coco fusions are made by infusing fruit juice with coconut water. The fusion packs a heavenly taste along with a lot of nutrients. This fusion is naturally sweetened with sugars present in coconut water, fruit juice, stevia, and erythritol.
Each flavor of Nutrink is designed to have just enough fruit juice to provide around 2 gram of fruit sugars per 100 mL. This way we can ensure that we get 9 calories per 100 mL for each flavor. For Rio Lemonade variant, the variant is sweetened using apple juice. Our philosophy ensures that we don’t use any harmful added sugar and derive sugars from fruit sources only.
Each variant of Nutrink is designed specially by controlling the quality of the ingredients, mixing time and speed, temperatures, to produce a delicious output. We have discovered necessary steps for formulation for each variant which will result in the best output of flavor and nutrition.

The stevia plant is native to the South American country of Paraguay and has been a part of their culture to use it for sweetening foods prior to the 16th century. Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweetener that was discovered by John Stenhouse in 1848. It was found in blackstrap molasses that was fermented by yeast, in 1950 and commercialized in Japan in 1990 to be used in food products.

For all our variants we have 0 added sugars. All our variants will have around 2 gram of sugar from fruit juices. This is a much healthier option than adding dumb calories through refined sugar. Many drinks out there are packed with 10 – 15 grams of sugar per 100 mL.
All the variants are designed to provide 9 calories per 100 mL. Most of the drinks out there are packed with 40 to 100 calories per 100 mL, without any nutritional benefit.
We don’t add any caffeine in our products, neither does any variant has any caffeine in it.
Natural flavors are derived from fruits by a process similar to distillation. For example, the mango flavor is isolated by heating mango pulp and puree to vaporize the flavor (and moisture) which is cooled and collected, this is, in essence, a natural flavor.

Our variants are named after famous places having a natural significance. For example, Swiss Apple Tea is dedicated to the purity of the Swiss Alps. It is our intention and vision to provide products that are pure as well as clean and resemble the natural splendor of these locations.

Nutrink can be stored unopened for 9 months outside the refrigerator, but it is recommended not to store it outside directly under sunlight.
Once you have opened your bottle of Nutrink, you need to consume it in 24 hours and keep it refrigerated. Anyways, each variant tastes great when served chilled.
The batch number and production date for each bottle are printed on the neck of the bottle. You can enjoy a bottle of Nutrink within 9 months of the production date.
You can purchase your pack of Nutrink online directly through our website or Amazon or Bigbasket. Also, you can find it at your local mall. Please give us a shoutout to make Nutrink available at a location near you.

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All our products are packed in BPA free bottles.
All our variants are gluten-free.
All our variants are vegan.