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The greatest inventions throughout history were born out of personal need. This holds true also in the case of Nutrink Foods. Founder of Nutrink Foods, Mr. Sangram Powar, who has a deep interest in nutritional science, had never actually set out to create a company. He only wanted to create a product for personal use. But after realizing that he had managed to create a delicious yet healthy and low calorie beverage, he decided to manufacture the product himself, and make it available to the general populace.



It all began with the quest for a protein shake. Owing to a few health issues, Mr. Powar began developing a protein shake that would supplement his nutritional needs, without harmful calories. But being a true foodie, he also wanted to ensure that the drink was tasty. He did in-depth research on multiple nutrition, food, and health related subjects and came across information that changed his outlook towards nutrition altogether. He now believes there should be no choice between tasty food and healthy food. All healthy food should be tasty, and all tasty food should be healthy. He also realized that the common people do not really have control over what foods and beverages they are being offered. So, instead of waiting for some company to decide to develop true healthy beverages, he took the onus on himself and started Nutrink Foods.

You are just a sip away from healthy living!

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